Eyal El Bahar

Head of BI at Lightricks

What is your credo/ your "WHY" regarding data?
Data enables you to make a huge impact on the business if you are looking at the right data, on the right time and at the right way.
What are your fields of interest?
Designing data infrastructure to support analysis and data science.
What are your favorite tools?
It all depends on the use case. There are many great tools for different cases and I see it as a mean to the goal. But, one tool that did a great change in the ease of use of big data is Snowflake.
Data is the new oil because...
Data storage and processing costs reduced significantly, the use of ML and AI became so common, and analytical tools are much more complicated - they all needs data (and in many cases the more data the better) to be efficient.
What is your data dream?
That the data will be able to "speak for itself" - making the data analysis/ science more automated for business users.
If you had a chance to collect data on anything you wanted, what would it be?
I want to collect data to be able to understand my dog.
What is the one tip for beginners and one tip for professionals?

Beginners - make sure you understand the goal, ask questions, doubt assumptions and always remember, that what you find/show should help someone to take a decision. Make it clear for the user to understand what it needs to do.
Professionals - Listen to the beginners and their questions, keep your mind open to new ideas.
What is the project you are most proud of?
In one of the big banks in Israel, I had the privilege to impact the way top managers made decisions and helped them transform to data driven approach.
What is next on your "To Learn" list?
French - I love this language.
What do you want to do when you grow up? :)
I wish to have more time so I will be able to get back to teaching data course, but in a more business oriented way.
Who's answers to these questions would you like to see and why?
Jeff Bezos - a great visionary that was able to transform Amazon's largest expenses to profit centers.

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